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SPARC sun4v
Only from Solaris 10 OS and newer, although Branded Zones can be configured for Solaris 8 & 9
Support OS and Hypervisor virtualisation. See Oracle-OVM for further info.
Both Oracle and Fujitsu supply,support and develop their own versions of SPARC.

Latest CPU is SPARC M8

  • Software on Chip (SoC)
  • Oracle Database BCD compilation on CPU chip, Hardware Accelaration = quicker database performance
  • No licence costs for virtualisation
  • Supports Oracle Hard Partitioning for Oracle database licensing in virtualised environments.

When you purchase a SPARC server, Hardware and Software support is included.

  • Hardware & HW Support
  • OS & OS support
  • Virtualisation/Hypervisor & support
  • Solaris Studio Compilers (C/C++ & Fortran) & Support
  • Antivirus is not required on SPARC