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RHN Satellite

Configure the RHN update application

# gpk-update-viewer <-- display rpms to update
# gpk-prefs <-- Configure software updates preferences
NB! These settings are per-user and effective only for the current user logged in the system.
# rhn_register --nox <-- cli version
# rhn_register --configure <-- GUI version

To turn off automatic rhn update info pushes

# service rhnsd stop
# service osad stop
# chkconfig rhnsd/osad stop

RHN Client cmds

# rhncfg-client list <-- query a system's configuration makeup and deployment status as managed by RHN.
# rhncfg-client channels <-- View the labels and names of the config channels that apply to the system.
# rhncfg-management — A command line interface used to manage RHN configuration